A cartoon aimed towards wrongdoings published in the national newspapers and aired by 68 community radios throughout the country will each morning be seen/heard by millions, and the combined laughter of these readers/listeners could well be loud enough to shake the chair of the Head of the State…that is the way things are now in this country in a historical transition.

In early nineties when only the few cartoonists working at dailies, weekly and magazines were known only to one another by names. Cartoonists lived and worked throughout the country wouldn’t have recognized a fellow cartoonist. No-one knew anyone and we thought of craving some sort of a club where we could spend a little time finding out how we talk, share and prevent cartoons from extinction.

Then, sometime during mid 90s, most of the cartoonists were sought to the meeting of a Cartoonists’ club that took place at ‘Kamana Prakashan‘ in Kathmandu. Thanks go to the senior cartoonist Ashok Man Singh with other fellows for their effort on making this happen.

Since its inaugural meeting, Cartoonists’ Club of Nepal has evolved into a cartoonists’ organization in Nepal, with a membership of 20+ full and part time Cartoonists.

Membership reflects the specializations within the profession, all aspects of the business being severally represented, from single gags to editorials and Caricature to Cartoon illustration. CARTCON’s objective share with emphasis on encouraging good social contacts between cartoonists and to promote the art of the Nepali Cartoons around the world.

Many of the renowned names from the Nepali cartoon fraternity during the last decades have contributed something to the organization.We have collectively been responsible for organizing national and international Cartoon events, from exhibitions and competitions to demonstrating the art of the Cartoon to young enthusiasts and public exhibitions.

Although the Club has organizational structure for affiliation with the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, it is fairly informal as we are all volunteers.

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